Presidents Message - Dec 2020

Well here we are in the build-up to Christmas, I still haven’t done much Christmas shopping, come to that I still haven’t bought birthday presents for himself and myself ( I have to buy my own!)  I’m not so worried for himself and myself but the rest of the family will just have to put up with bank transfers. Talking of banks transfers, I have sent some money to our Captain’s charity fund in lieu of Christmas cards to the Committee, so that’s why you aren’t getting cards this year! I’d rather the Charity benefitted than Royal Mail.  With a 1st class stamp going up to 85p in January I can see that our Christmas card list will be seriously depleted next year.

Golf is once more allowed but every time I look outside it’s raining, so I’m quite pleased that I decided to forego winter golf a good few years ago.  For those of you made of sterner stuff I sincerely hope that you enjoy your games.

We can now look forward to vaccination against Covid 19; as one of the more senior members I fully expect to be called in shortly.  We can only hope that the vaccine will mean that we have a much more normal year in 2021. I certainly don’t want a repetition of 2020.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a Covid free 2021!

Keep well.

Diana Elsy