Vine Trophy 2020

A total of 71 teams entered the Vine Trophy this year and even with tee times running from 08:45 until 16:30 only 61 teams can fit into the draw. This is with teams going out in 7 and 8 minute intervals and allowing 2 "spare" slots to allow for any congestion on the course to ease. From experience of running this competition, this is the maximum number of teams we can accommodate.

The Exec Committee deliberated long and hard about this; whether it was possible to fit all teams into this space by having a two tee start or running a nine hole competition for those teams balloted out. We eventually came to the conclusion that many teams may not want to travel for just 9 holes of golf, and then what would you do with the "spare" tee time that would become available? A two tee start was not possible either. Therefore we decided that the only solution was to ballot 10 teams out. This was done using a random number generator to pick the row number in my spreadsheet of the team to be eliminated from the draw.

Obviously, with so many teams taking part there will be some early starts and late finishes. If any team feels that they are unable to play at their allocated time, then please let me know so I can offer it to one of the balloted out teams and the team who have given up their place will have their entry fee refunded. Any balloted out team who has not got a place in the draw by this method will have their entry fee refunded as soon as possible after the event. If any balloted out team wishes to have their entry fee refunded straight away and come off the waiting list then please let me know.

I'm sorry that so many people will be disappointed about not being able to play and I can only apologise to all those concerned. I hope it does not put you off entering our next competition where of course all members of balloted out teams will be guaranteed a place.

Vine Trophy Draw 2020

Anita Maxwell
DCLGA Competition Secretary