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Anderson Team Review

Hi Ladies,

We received a very good response to our email regarding the Anderson Team Review for 7 player v 5 player teams.

Thank you all for taking the time to reply.

We have 36 clubs playing in the Anderson and Sivewright leagues, 24 in the Anderson and 12 in the Sivewright (some clubs have teams in both)

A summary of the responses has been sent to all club Captains and Secretaries and although there wasn't an overwhelming majority the results do require further discussion.

We appreciate that clubs need to incorporate fixture dates into club calendars and for those to be organised as soon as possible.

The Executive Committee met last night via zoom to discuss the review.

We decided that due to time constraints, it will not be possible to fully discuss and implement any changes ready for the 2023 season so therefore next year Anderson teams will remain at 7 players.

We will endeavour to keep you all informed about any progress, through email and via the website.

Lesley Stokes

Match Secretary



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