Competition Secretary's Message - January 2021

I have just come in from my daily walk (or should that be slide with the paths being so frozen) dreaming of the time when we may be able to get back onto the golf course. On the plus side most courses would only have been open for a couple of days during this latest lockdown as the weather has been so bad, so perhaps we are not missing that much at the moment. The only thing this weather is good for is building snowmen – our neighbours have done a great job with one in their front garden complete with hat, gloves and facemask.

This time last year it would have seemed so far-fetched to think that we would be in the middle of a global pandemic. Personally, I was looking forward to travelling abroad on a golfing holiday, but there will be no such “warm weather training” this year. However, I’m hopeful that with the vaccination programme underway that we will be able to get back to something a bit more like normal during the summer.

Obviously it is not possible to predict how all this will pan out over the next few months and the DCLGA committee may have to change some of the plans already made for 2021, but rest assured that we will try and run as many competitions as possible within all the restrictions and guidelines.

Can I remind all secretaries to send me your Open posters and return envelopes for our virtual Swap Shop by the 23rd January – So far I’ve received about 10 sets of posters and 4 clubs have just sent their return envelopes as they are not printing posters this year. If the rest of you could get returns to me this week, I’m hoping that I will be able to get them all sorted out and distributed by the end of the month.

Following the comments made with regard to whether it is now necessary to distribute paper copies of Open posters when they are available electronically, I’m sure that this will be discussed at our next committee meeting along with whether it is necessary to hold a Swap Shop in the future.

In the meantime, I might see if I can build an igloo out of all the snow that’s just slid off the roof!

Anita Maxwell DCLGA Competition Secretary


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