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Booking Instructions

You may book your entry for DCLGA Competitions through your club, individually by using an entry form or you may now book on-line.


If entering individually using an entry form you may pay by bank transfer (the details are on the entry form) or cheque. Completed entry forms indicating the method of payment must be sent to the competition secretary by email or post.

If you would like to book and pay on-line, click the button below to go to the booking site (which will open in a separate window). Select the competition you want to book from the list. You will need your own CDH ID and those of your playing partner/team to book. You will also be expected to pay at the same time. Depending upon the type of competition you will be able to choose a time range or an actual tee times when booking.

Please note that if a competition is oversubscribed places will be allocated on a first come first served basis of all the players/teams that have entered the competition (regardless of their method of booking). Therefore booking on-line does not guarantee a place. The order of entry for oversubscribed competitions will be determined by the date they were received by the DCLGA Competition Secretary (not the date the players signed the form at the club). 

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