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Terms and Conditions of Entry into D.C.L.G.A. Competitions
All competitors must be current members of an affiliated Golf Club in the County of Durham and have a WHS handicap. To be eligible to compete in the Championship the player’s home club must also be in County Durham.

All events shall be played according to the Rules of the R&A and the regulations laid down by England Golf. The local rules of the Club on whose course the event is held shall apply, subject to any alterations which the Executive Committee of the Association may deem necessary, prior to the holding of the event.

All entrants must be of amateur status as defined by the R&A.

Entries for competitions can be made online or by downloading an entry form from the D.C.L.G.A. website and sending the completed form along with payment to the Competition Secretary or via the entry form sent to each club. 

Payment should be made at the same time as the booking and before the closing date for entries. Payment can be made via a bank transfer to the D.C.L.G.A. account, Santander, sort code 09 01 29 Account number 11348975 or by posting a cheque to the Competition Secretary (details are on the entry form).

No refunds will be made after the draw has been made for the event unless there are exceptional circumstances which must be corresponded to the Competition Secretary.

Competition entries without payment may be removed from the draw.

Substitutes will be accepted to replace the player who originally entered. 

Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Competition Secretary if there is space in the draw. 

Buggies – see Buggy Rules

Buggies should be booked at the host club by the player. If a player’s own buggy is going to be used then the player must seek permission from the host club prior to the event.

Note that if a player is entitled to use a buggy this does not permit her partner to share the buggy with her unless her partner is also entitled to use a buggy. 

Disqualifications – see Bye-Laws.

Handicap allowances will be displayed on the posters and on the website for each event. All players must have a current WHS handicap. Although they may enter competitions, prizes will only be awarded to players/teams where each player has at least 4 scores on their WHS handicap record which have been returned within the previous 12 months of the date of the competition. The only exception to this requirement is for the DCLGA Championship where it is recognised that some players who are studying abroad may not be able to return sufficient scores to the WHS portal.


On arrival at the event all players should register with the Competition Secretary at least 15 minutes before their tee time and should be at the tee 10 minutes before their start time. 


Entries to events will be processed in the order they are received by the Competition Secretary. There will be no balloting out procedure if an event is oversubscribed and no further tee times are available to D.C.L.G.A . If this means players from the host club are unable to take part, then the D.C.L.G.A. will endeavour to obtain courtesy rounds from neighbouring courses. If a player/team is unable to take part because the event is over subscribed, they will be put on the reserve list and will be offered a place should another player/team cancel.

Any dispute regarding any of the events will be settled by the Executive Committee and their decision will be final.

Trophies are the property of the D.C.L.G.A. and should be returned to the Competition Secretary no later than the end of January of the following year. If stored securely in the player’s home they are insured by the D.C.L.G.A.’s insurance. It is the responsibility of the player to return the trophy in the same condition as they received it.

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