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Junior Competition Secretary

Catherine Millward

Junior Organiser

Rebecca Gibson 

Junior Coaching Co-ordinator

Chris Pascall

Junior Captain

Morgan Bailey
South Moor Golf Club

Vice Captain

Caylin Million.jpg
Caylin Million
Chester-le-Street Golf Club

Junior Captain's Message

As a proud Junior Durham County Captain for 2024, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you all to the association. It is a great honour to be asked to be Captain following in the footsteps of dedicated junior golfers, who have achieved so much both in the role and within their golf.

I am looking forward to meeting and supporting you all at Competitions and County training throughout the season. We have a fantastic Junior section with the backing of the Junior Management Team and some brilliant Coaches from the Durham County area.

Finally, I would like to wish you all every success in the 2024 golfing season both at Club and County level.

Morgan Bailey
Junior County Captain

DCLGA Junior Committee

  • Rebecca Gibson (County Junior Organiser)

  • Chris Pascall (Coaching Co-ordinator)

  • Catherine Millward (Junior Competition Secretary)

  • Sue Wright

  • Rebecca Hutchinson


County Welfare Officer:  Sue Wright

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