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As a rule of thumb, courses are automatically re-rated every 10 years and the County Rating Team will contact the Club direct to make the necessary arrangements.  Clubs will be sent a questionnaire which they will be expected to complete and return along with an up to date course measurement certificate and a scorecard.

Once these have been received, a date and time will be agreed upon.  The Club will be asked to provide buggies for use and for the safety of the Ratings Team, Clubs will be expected to keep the tee first closed for at least 45 minutes before the Ratings Team goes out and 45 minutes afterwards.  It would also be advisable to have someone present with knowledge of the course in the event any questions arise and we would ask that players are made aware of the presence of the Ratings Team on the course on the day.  There is obviously an expectation that all course furniture is in place and the course is correctly marked e.g. OOB posts etc.

Unfortunately the Team cannot rate in wet weather and under these circumstances, the rating work will have to be rearranged.

Sometimes when existing courses are modified, Ratings will have to be carried out sooner within the 10 year cycle and the section ‘Modification of Existing Courses’ deals with this issue.

For more information from England Golf on Course Rating and Club Requirements please click here.

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