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England Golf and the Golf Foundation are resuming delivery of their exciting Girls Golf Rocks programme in 2022. We are delighted that the following clubs will be running Girls Golf Rocks in Durham this year.

After the taster sessions the girls will be able to opt into the coaching. The starting dates for the coaching blocks are listed below. Each block will last 6 weeks and will cost £35.


25 Jul 2022, 14:00

Bishop Auckland

10 Sept 2022, 09:00

Blackwell Grange

21 Apr 2022, 10:00

17 Sept 2022, 10:00

Castle Eden

24 Apr 2022, 13:00

24 Jul 2022, 13:00


1 Jun 2022, 16:30

3 Aug 2022, 16:30


27 Jun 2022, 15:30

8 Aug 2022, 15:30

Seaton Carew

28 Jul 2022, 09:00

15 Sept 2022, 15:30


28 Jun 2022, 16:00

28 Jun 2022, 17:00

Girls Golf Rocks is a brilliant programme which gives young girls the opportunity to sample the game of golf.  In the past several of our girls have supported the clubs who have been part of the programme.  They have helped with coaching and shared their love of the game.  The aim of the programme is to get more girls playing golf. Hopefully we will see many more girls playing in the future.

For more information about the programme contact England Golf

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