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County Charity 2022 - Macmillan Cancer Support

Chris Pascall handed over a donation of £4,900 from the Durham County Ladies Golf Association to Macmillan Cancer Support

Many thanks to members and clubs who have donated throughout 2022 to the County Charity.

There are so many worthwhile charities it is hard to pick just one. The reason I choose Macmillan Cancer Support was when my husband was told in 2016 he had terminal cancer we were put in touch with Macmillan. Never having been in this situation before we didn't quite know how things would develop. The nurse who helped us was brilliant, when my husband needed medication she would organise everything with the surgery then she would phone to say what time the prescription would be ready. This may seem such a small area of help but it took the strain away leaving me to spend more time with my husband.

When choosing a charity I looked for one where the money would be spent locally within County Durham.



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