Match Secretary's Message - March 2021

Well, this is the perfect day for the Spring Equinox, if only we were able to get out on the golf course! Not too long to wait now. I hope you are all keeping well and your golf clubs are pristine and ready to go.

I have sent an email to Club Captains and Secretaries outlining our guidelines for the 2021 season for team matches in conjunction with your Club guidelines and the England Golf Play Safe, Stay Safe Policy.

  • Team sheets are to be swapped via text, phone or email 3-4 hours prior to the start of the match. Team Captains will then inform players who their opponent is and what time they are to tee off.

  • Players are to arrive at the venue in time for their game, go out with their opponent at the agreed time.

  • After their game players should go straight home. Once COVID-19 rules allow they do have the option of meeting for a drink.

  • There will be no team meals during 2021, however if facilities are available and ladies do wish to eat then they are responsible for the cost.

  • Players must inform their team captain of their match result by phone or text. When all of the results are in, team captains will agree the overall result, again by phone or text, the home club will then send the results in.

Hopefully after May, those ladies who wish to do so will have the opportunity to sit together for food and/or beverages.

These guidelines will be published on the DCLGA website.

You will also find a new column on the results sheet for players Handicap Index and Course Handicap. The course handicap will be your playing handicap for that game.

I have included it on the Anderson result sheet for my benefit, (to check players are going out in the correct handicap order).

Thank you all so much for your hard work rearranging your team matches, it is very much appreciated.

I am looking forward to meeting up with you all and putting names to faces.

Lesley Stokes

Match Secretary


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