We are looking for help with administration, the job of secretary has been split into 2 roles. In addition we need a Junior Organiser, the person would look after coaching and matches. We have split the role and now have a Junior Competition Secretary. Also who has the skills to be a Handicap Advisor? I would love to hear from anyone interested in knowing more about these three positions.

Giving up your time can really benefit your county and it’s good for you too! It’s been proven that volunteering has a positive effect on mental health and happiness.

Why volunteer? England Golf asked volunteers why they do what they do. The top reason people volunteer is because they enjoy it!

Other people said they do it because they

  • Love the sport,

  • Want to ‘give back’ to the game and their county,

  • Enjoy helping to get people playing and enjoying golf,

  • Get personal satisfaction from the achievements in their role,

  • Understand the benefits it brings to other people

Please Get involved


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