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Appleby Bowl, Houghton le Spring, Saturday 15th August

We have devised the following guidelines to help to keep you safe when you play in the Appleby Bowl. Please read them carefully and make sure you comply.


Could you please arrive no more than 30 minutes before your tee-time. Come dressed ready to play and put your shoes on in the car park. Access to the clubhouse is only via the patio doors. There is no access via the locker room/toilet. The toilet will be open but only one /two people are allowed in at a time. The exit is the same as the entrance - via the patio door. The bar staff on duty will keep you right,

Signing in:

There will be a table near the entrance to the clubhouse which at present is via the patio door towards the far end of the building. We will be providing the club with your contact information to cover track and trace requirements.

Track and Trace:

We have provide the club with your contact telephone numbers so that they can get in touch with you should the need arise.


The restaurant usually closes on a Saturday around 6pm. If you require food you must pre-order with "Mulligans Restaurant" All food must be eaten in the restaurant, even if it’s just sandwiches or chips

Call 0191 5840681 ask for Dave.

The bar manager will use the start sheet to allocate you a table booking if you would like to eat after you have played. There are 8 tables seating 4 per table. Maximum number of people allowed in the clubhouse is 32 and maximum time allowed to eat is 70 minutes.

Score Cards:

To keep the possibility of contamination to a minimum, we will not be providing pre-printed score cards. You will be given a blank card and you will mark your playing partner’s card. Please enter their name at the top of the card along with the competition name and date. When you are on the first tee confirm their handicap with them and put this on the scorecard too. In this way you can enter their score as normal without them having touched the card and you can enter your own score in the marker’s column. The starter will explain this to you again on the first tee so don’t worry.

Make sure you agree your scores after every hole to avoid any confusion at the end of the game.

After the competition please return your card to the signing in table.

On the course:

Flag sticks are to be left in and not touched. If the wind is strong the flagsticks may bend. You are allowed to hold the flagstick straight (centre it) with a putter if your playing partner requests you to do so.

Bunkers – There will be no rakes in the bunkers therefore placing is allowed within 6 inches. Please try to smooth out any footprints etc. after playing your shot


We are not having a presentation on the day as we want to avoid having a large number of people congregating together. The results will be published on the website and vouchers will be posted to the winners. We hope to present the trophies at the Championship in October.



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