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On-Line Booking Open

On-line booking is now open for the DCLGA Competitions running during the 2024 season. Please remember that you will need the CDH Numbers of all your team members in order to book on-line along with payment. On-line booking can be found here.

You may still enter individually using an entry form and pay by bank transfer (details are on the entry form) or cheque. Please send completed entry form to the Competition Secretary by email or post. You may also enter via your club.

Please note that if a competition is oversubscribed places will be allocated on a first come first served basis of all the players/teams that have entered the competition (regardless of their method of booking). Therefore booking on-line does not guarantee a place. The order of entry for oversubscribed competitions will be determined by the date they were received by the DCLGA Competition Secretary (not the date the players signed the form at their club).

The Scout Cups is being run by Northumberland this year and they are only accepting on-line entries - the link to the booking page for this event can be found here.


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