Treasurer’s message 1st March 2021

Hello again ladies

Well at least we have a roadmap out of lockdown. Fingers crossed it goes ahead as planned and we don’t have any mishaps on the way. I guess like many others there was disappointment that we weren’t allowed to play golf from the 8th March.

We, as a committee have been quite busy of late, ‘feeding’ the new website which will hopefully go live in the not too distant future. Thank you to all the secretaries and captains who responded to my request to hold your information on the new website.

I have the white books and fixture cards for 2021 ready to be delivered/posted in the next few weeks. If, however, any of you need to be in the Durham area after the 8th and would be willing to meet for a coffee in a car park to collect your packs, that would be helpful. My grandsons go back to school/nursery on the 8th so I will have more time to try to deliver them from that Monday. Home schooling has been fun and a challenge but I do feel the boys are also ready to go back to school and see their friends.

I hope many of you are now a statistic like me and have had at least your first vaccination. I had my first on Friday, other than a tender spot on my arm I felt ok but am aware a few others did have a couple of days of feeling unwell.

I hope you are all keeping well and a little more optimistic that at least there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Snowdrops and other spring flowers are a welcome sight too.

My very best wishes

Marian Goodyear


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